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Olympus Microscope CH2 Binocular with 3 Olympusobjectives E A4,  E A10,  E A40
Olympus Microscope CH2 Binocular with 3...
Previously owned: Olympus CH-2 Binocular Light Microscope Asset includes: This microscope has been cleaned and is ready for use. Microscope is in very good condition and free of haze/fungus/scratches. Model: CH2 with CHT-G-base...
579,00 € *
Image Projektor for Mikroscopes
Image Projektor for Mikroscopes
Consists of a scientific research camera with Aptina CMOS sensor for advanced video and image processing. Offers excellently clear projection of the images from microscopes to screens and practical photo and video shootings. Featured...
598,00 € *
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